In My Eyes



Tim Doran


Tim Doran is a young emerging American filmmaker. The Film, In My Eyes, was inspired by his story of attending college at Fairleigh Dickinson University to obtain his Bachelor's Degree in Film with a concentration in Post-Production. In My Eyes has screened at multiple film festivals, more recently screened at Long Island International Film Expo and more festival screenings are planned for the future of the film. 

Currently based in New Jersey, Tim started a converting business in 2012, converting home videos to digital formats: click here. He has a passion for cycling and has no problem riding 20 miles year-round to train towards his goal of riding his recumbent trike across the Country.


Brian Williams

Brian Williams is a young aspiring screenwriter with a Bachelors degree in Film with a concentration in Directing, and a Bachelors degree in Psychology, from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Since his youth, he has always enjoyed creating stories and characters through drawings, comics, and short stories. 


Brian has plans to create a brand for himself on YouTube, in addition to continuing his freelance camerawork and editing.


Brian is also an Honors student, study abroad alumni (Wroxton College ’16), and Sigma Pi fraternity brother. He also has a passion for soccer, and enjoys watching, playing the FIFA videogame, and competing in any pickup match he comes across. He intends to join a club this summer.